airport (Gardemoen) , parts of the crew have arrived.
Left to right SM3JGG, SM3EQY, IK2JYT, S57FYK, S53AC, IK2XDL, SP5DRH

Left to right SP5DRH, IK2JYT, LA7IL and XYL , KG0VL,
LA3OWA:s XYL and son, KF6XA

Icebear , Longyearbyen airport.

The central part of Longyearbyen around 2400 GMT.

While waiting for the next airplane to arive , it was just enouth time for a beer. Left to right:  Mr Bouzney our Guide in the Arctic, Giovanni IK2JYT, Staffan SM3JGG, Terje LA3OHA, Jon LA7IL and  Håkan SM3EQY

Longyearbyen, vue to West.

The old Russian Tug,that take us from Longyearbyen to Barentsburg.

HOTEL Barentsburg, our headquarter during the expedition.

Time to walk into the real wilderness, to mutch Equipment (as usually). Left to right SM3JGG, LA7IL, Our only Sherpa, OE3GEA, KG0VL

The one and only "Icelake Cabin"

Operation / Dinnertable

A happy Jeffrey (KG0VL), he had just spend 3 hours to get the generator running.

The fireplace in the kitchen, for cooking and heating up
the Cabin.

Jasek SP5DRH assembling the beam antenna.

After many assembling hours it`s time to try the antenna.

Antenna installation at Icelace. 

The "Icelake team" Left to right Jon LA7IL, Gerhard OE3GEA, Jasek SP5DRH, Geffrey KG0VL and Staffan SM3JGG.

Wainting for a Sea-cab to arrive at the Greenfjorden beach.

That a surprice, a Russian tug arrived.

A "Cruising ship" in Barentsburg harbour.

Dinner at the "Russian Cafe" in Barentsburg
Left to right, Gerhard OE3GEA, Giovanni IK2JYT, Andrea IK2XDE, Mr Bouzney, Jon LA7IL and Håkan SM3EQY.

6 m antenna pointing south, om the radiohill in Barentsburg.

Shack and shortwave antenna at the "Radiohill"

Our shack was the old TV-station in Barentsburg.

300 meters elevation and 700 steps to climb, before you can start to operate.

The hole group just before take off from Longyearbyen.